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Tattoo Ticket (Read before purchasing!)

Tattoo Ticket (Read before purchasing!)

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Thank you for liking my art so much that you want to tattoo it! I'm beyond honored for your support <3

Purchasing this tattoo ticket grants you permission to have 1 existing artwork of mine (non-commissioned art only) tattooed on your body.

○ Include the titles/descriptions of the artwork which you would like to use in the "note to seller" section. Feel free to message me beforehand if you need help identifying which artworks you can tattoo!

○ Purchase this ticket listing! It is good for one-tattoo design.

○ After checkout, you will be emailed a receipt which you can print and take to your Tattoo Artist.

○ If you need a JPG copy of my work for your Tattoo Artist, please feel free to contact me and mention your order # and I can provide the file upon request, if it is available.

○ This ticket grants permission to tattoo any one of my existing works on you! The Ticket does not qualify for a custom tattoo request.

○ You are allowed to pick any artwork from my existing works (twitter, etsy, insta) however, commissioned artworks are OFF-LIMITS.

○ Many tattoo artists require permission from the original artist before tattooing. You may show them your purchase receipt for this tattoo ticket or they may also reach out to confirm with me :)

○ This ticket only grants rights for personal use ONLY.

○ This ticket does not apply to tattoo artists or shops that sells tattoos. Any commercial requests, please contact me at, thank you!

○ All artworks' rights/copyrights belong to me. This ticket does not grant you any rights or permissions to my artwork besides allowing a tattoo artist to tattoo my work on you.

♥ PLEASE NOTE: This purchase is non-refundable! Your order number and name is your proof of purchase. If you have any questions, please message me. Thank you for supporting my artwork!
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